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AGILITY OBEDIENCE Rules for competitors
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20 to 23 June 2019
General Information
JUDGES GABRIEL ARRIAGADA (Chile) STEFANIE SEMKAT (Germany) ENTRIES What is the sport of AGILITY? Agility is a competitive modality where a guide directs a dog on a series of obstacles, which he has to fight cleanly and as accurately as possible, competing against the clock. Dogs participate without a leash without toys and without incentives. The guide should not touch the dog or the obstacles, except accidentally. Consequently, the control of the guide lies in the voice, manual signals, body language. Which requires that the animal be trained in an exceptional way. In its simplest form, the agility circuit consists of a certain number of obstacles, where a judge will design the order that the dog must follow in order to complete the test according to the regulations. The circuits are complicated enough so that the dog can not finish them correctly without human direction. During the competition, the guide will decide the strategies to follow to direct the dog along the route, combining speed and precision since both are equally important. There are several techniques that help compensate the possible difference of human and dog speed, strength or weakness between dogs and their handlers (guides). But what more than anything has driven the popularity of this sport activity is that the driver (guide) and the dog have fun.
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20 - 23 JUNE 2019