Show Dog to Américas y el Caribe 2019 2nd World Congress for Exhibition judges Asamblea de la Sección de las Américas y el Caribe FCI
2nd World FCI Dog Show Judges Congress Acapulco, Guerrero
2nd FCI World Congress for Dog Show Judges
The FCI Americas and The Caribbean section would like to thank the FCI board members for giving our section the opportunity to host the 2nd FCI World Congress for Dog Show Judges from all over the world that will take place on June 24 and 25, 2019 in the framework of the FCI Americas and The Caribbean Section shows (from June 20 to 23); and we are pleased to invite all the judges of the world to participate within this great congress that will take place in the best convention and exhibition center in Latin America by the sea: Mundo Imperial Acapulco, Mexico. All participants of the 2nd FCI world congress for exhibition judges will be given a very special recognition with curricular value, for their assistance and updating. In this congress, connoted judges will participate as speakers in the different areas that form the academic program that will be developed in two days (June 24 and 25, 2019); and that we are sure that all the topics will be of great interest for the update of the judges that judge around the world. In this program current and important topics are included: behavior, health, genetic predisposition to hereditary diseases, nomenclature of colors and coats, evaluation in statics and dynamics, hyper types and evaluation of the dogs, among other topics of great interest. We remind the judges that according to the rules of the FCI, it is necessary that all judges who judge around the world representing the FCI must attend conferences of this nature for its update, and this will be a great opportunity to attend this congress, visiting the beautiful Acapulco bay, Mexico. Also, we invite you to attend the dog show circuit of AMERICAS AND THE CARIBBEAN 2019 that will take place from June 20 to 23, where four all breed shows and some breed specialties will be held in the same exhibition center (Mundo Imperial), offering several titles for the winners. In this great event, our country wants to show visitors the beautiful Acapulco bay and opens its doors to all the dog lovers of the world, and especially to all of America, to show the quality and warmth of the 20 countries that make up the FCI section of the Americas and the Caribbean. Mexico invites you to know the cultural and tourist wonders that our country keeps and especially of this beautiful port of Acapulco; host of the "2nd FCI World Congress for exhibition judges", the "General Assembly of the FCI Section - Americas and the Caribbean" and the dog show circuit for the "Championship of the Americas and the Caribbean" in four days where awarding the titles of: "Ibero-American Champion", with judges from Ibero-America; "Pan-American Champion", "Intercontinental Champion", "International Champion", "Mexican Champion" and, in the great show on Sunday, June 23; "VICTOR OF THE AMERICAS AND THE CARIBBEAN 2019". The information of the exhibition (judges, titles, categories, etc.) and of the congress, is available at the page: , as well as the information, videos and more of the hotel headquarters and the exhibition center. ¡WELCOME TO MEXICO!
Important: According to FCI new rules, it is necessary that dog show judges attend congresses of this nature to keep up to date and especially to this congress where the guidelines of the FCI rules for dog show judges will be reviewed. The participants will receive an FCI certificate with curricular value.


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