Americas and Caribbean Dog Show 2019 2nd World Congress for Exhibition judges Asamblea de la Sección de las Américas y el Caribe FCI
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The AMERICAS AND THE CARIBBEAN SECTION SHOWS - ACAPULCO 2019, will take place in one of the most important International Exhibition and Convention Centers of the country: ﷯, from June 20 to 23, 2019. This great International Center, is a luxurious intelligent building, indoor and with air conditioning, in which the average temperature inside is 19° C, optimal for the proper running of a dog show and welfare of the participating dogs. It has platforms for loading and unloading with security, cleaning service, compressed air, water and drainage, telecommunications and additional electric power. ﷯ For more information visit the web page of the Americas and the Caribbean section of and by mail to: ﷯ WELLCOME!
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MUNDO IMPERIAL, the best place with first class services. The headquarters of the Exhibition of the Americas and the Caribbean will be Expo Mundo Imperial, a top-level venue with all the amenities that the exhibitors, exhibitors and fans. The enclosure has a hotel. Located 5 minutes from the Acapulco International Airport. Air conditioning throughout the event. Restaurants Recreation areas. And a shopping center, across the street.
20 - 23 JUNE 2019