Americas and Caribbean Dog Show 2019 2nd World Congress for Exhibition judges Asamblea de la Sección de las Américas y el Caribe FCI
Rules for entering the country with a dog Rules for competitors Shopping Areal ENTRIES FEE AND CLOSING DATES 3rd closing date – LAST DATE - (full payment) May 30th, 2019 $35 US DLLS (per dog, per day) ENTRY FEE FOR FCM MEMBERS $500 Mexican pesos (per dog, per day)* *Only for dogs whose owner is FCM member. The owner should appear in the pedigree of the dog that will be entered. -To get the entry fee of each closing date, entries should be sent to the FCM, together with its payment; bank transfer, deposit or directly at FCM. *After the day of the last closing date, NO entries will be accepted. -To enter foreign dogs that does not have an FCM registration number, a copy of the official pedigree of the country of origin is required. It must be an export pedigree with at least three generations. Also, to enter a dog in the Working class, a copy of the working title is required. -Payments: Please send money orders, certificate checks, money transfer or deposit to Federacion Canofila Mexicana AC. The money payed for an entry cannot be refund. BANK INFORMATION: DEPÓSITO O TRANSFERENCIA NACIONAL Bank: BBVA-Bancomer Benificiary: Federación Mexicana de Registro y Bienestar Canino, AC Account number: 0106477747 CLABE: 0121-8000-106477747-7 INTERNATIONAL TRANSFER Bank: Bbva Bancomer, S.A Beneficiary: Federación Mexicana de Registro y Bienestar Canino, AC City: México Adress: 2da. cerrada de Rey Yupanqui #10 Col. Chimalcoyotl, Talpan, CDMX, C.P: 14630 Account number: 0106477747 CLABE 18 numbers: 0121-8000-106477747-7 SWIFT: BCMRMXMMPYM OFFICE Federación Canófila Mexicana AC. (FCM) Zapotecas No. 29, col. Tlalcoligia, Tlalpan C.P. 14430 RULES FOR ENTERING THE COUNTRY WITH DOGS
Entry Fee / Pago Inscripción
20 - 23 JUNE 2019