Americas and Caribbean Dog Show 2019 2nd World Congress for Exhibition judges Asamblea de la Sección de las Américas y el Caribe FCI
Rules for competitors Shopping Areal ESTABLISHED RULES FOR PARTICIPATING DOGS 1. Each dog must be registered, either in the Federación Canófila Mexicana, AC or in its country of origin. If the registration is foreign, it is necessary to attach a copy of the registration issued by the country of origin. 2.- The official pedigree of the country of origin must contain three complete generations, otherwise the titles cannot be obtained, according to the rules of the FCI. 3.- Champions dogs entered in the Champion class must send a copy of the official title of Champion issued by the country where they obtained the title. 4.- The exhibitors must be aware of the judging program to prepare their dogs to enter the ring the moment in which the judging of their breed corresponds. They will not be called by the sound system and the judging program will be published online prior the show. The handlers and exhibitors are responsible for the dogs inside the ring, when the class in which they compete is being judged. This means that it is not the responsibility of the organizers of the event to call or locate any exhibitor or handler, under penalty of disqualification of the dog for not showing up on time. 5.- The organizers are not responsible for any dog or any loss, accident or any other cause that may occur to the dogs or any personal object, since these must always be under the care and custody of the owner and / or responsible handler. This is part of the general dispositions of the event when signing/sending the entry form. 6.- If during the development of the events a dog bites an exhibitor, judge, visitor or another dog, the responsible will be the owner and / or the handler, who must cover all the damages and consequences. The FCM disclaims all responsibility. This is part of the general dispositions of the event when signing/sending the entry form.
20 - 23 JUNE 2019