Americas and Caribbean Dog Show 2019 2nd World Congress for Exhibition judges Asamblea de la Sección de las Américas y el Caribe FCI
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EXTREMELY IMPORTANT NOTE TO EXHIBITORS IN GENERAL Special notice to foreigners WHEN TRAVELING TO MEXICO BY AIRPLANE, CUSTOMS ALLOWS ONLY TWO DOGS PER PERSON WITHOUT PAYING TAX ON ENTERING THE COUNTRY, CHECK YOUR DOG AS OVERWEIGHT BAGGAGE; NEVER SEND THEM BY CARGO. SENDING THE DOGS BY CARGO, CAN CAUSE BIG PROBLEMS WHEN TRYING TO RELEASE THEM IN MEXICO. IF IT WERE NECESSARY TO SEND DOGS BY CARGO, WE RECOMMEND TO CONSULT THE MEXICAN AUTHORITIES (ANIMAL HEALTH) BEFORE USING THIS SERVICE ON THE AIRLINE. THE FCM HAS COMMUNICATED THE CUSTOMS AUTHORITIES OF OUR COUNTRY ABOUT THE EVENT IN ACAPULCO SO THAT THEIR TEMPORARY VISIT FOR COMPETITION IS TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION. ALWAYS VERIFY THE REQUIREMENTS BEFORE TRAVELLING In addition, to enter the country a health certificate issued by an official veterinarian of the country of origin is required; where it is stated that it has the application of the current vaccines (current vaccines such as canine distemper, parvovirus, rabies...); as well as the internal and external deworming of each dog that is going to travel to Mexico (before leaving their country of origin). These procedures must be stamped by the Mexican Consulate in your country, which will issue a temporary permit with veterinary certificate dated no more than 5 days before the trip to Mexico. Remember that the airport in Acapulco is only 5 minutes away from the "Mundo Imperial Acapulco" event. Make your reservation with time. There will be PET FRIENDLY hotels. Foreign participants must carefully study the immigration and health rules for both Mexico and their countries of origin, to avoid problems with their dogs, for more information you can consult the page of ﷯ or by email to: ﷯ All participating dogs must have a valid vaccination certificate (up-to-date) and this document must be kept handy on the days of the exhibition in case the Mexican authorities wish to see it. CONSULT HERE THE REQUIREMENTS FOR YOUR COUNTRY CHECK HERE THE AGRO-FOOD PRODUCTS ALLOWED TO ENTER MEXICO CHECK HERE FOR AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER MEXICO
20 - 23 JUNE 2019